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Keran – age 33

Meet Keran Bunker, who has always struggled to keep jobs or a place to live and did not find out he had autism with ADHD until he was-33.         Click play button for his video.

Social skills

The National Autistic Society has set of pages about communication issues with the autistic spectrum.        The page about social isolation and social interaction could be the most relevant.      Click icon to browse.        new        Also:


You do not have to look far to see that relationship issues are of concern to all kinds of people.        However, below are a few links offering handy insights into relationships for people with Asperger’s.

    • ArticleRelationship Difficulties Due to Deficits in “Theory of Mind”  
    • ArticleRules of Effective Listening: Tips for Men on the Spectrum
    • Adult relationships – bullet points
    • Issues for partners
    • Radio programme – may well still be available to hear on-line:         Why do so many women think their men have Asperger’s syndrome?

Chat for Adults with Asperger’s

This is a website dedicated to people with Asperger’s.        Contributors tackle many topics.       Look for the Popular Posts as well as other links down the right hand side.       There is also a search box.        Below are some of the more substantial ones.


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