Aspie online groups

A quick search of Facebook shows an extensive list of groups for Aspies – that is people with Asperger’s syndrome.      Here are a few that might catch your eye.      Most of them are private groups.

For background information see:  Using Facebook       Safe social networking.      Have a look before you get too far, especially if new to Facebook.



What is Asperger’s Syndrome?       Click icon for a handy guide by the National autistic society.      See also brief Youtube videos:  slideshow         Ask the expert


The Asperger”s syndrome foundation offers quite a bit of insight:   What is Asperger’s Syndrome?        Information sheets        Click icon for their home page.       new

Social skills

The National Autistic Society has set of pages about socialising and relationships with the autistic spectrum.       The page about making friends could be the most relevant.      Click icon to browse.      Also:

Steps 2 change

Steps 2 change is a free and confidential NHS service for anyone in Lincolnshire over the age of 16 who is feeling stressed, unhappy, depressed, sad, worried or anxious.        Click icon above for more information.       Find access information for year area, e.g. Grantham

People with high functioning Asperger’s syndrome may have well developed rational skills.       This could be valuable to help cope with the challenges of life.       It may be that they could benefit from talking through the way they perceive some things.       This is where Cognitive Behavioural Therapy might come in.        updated

Perhaps It might take time to establish the credibility of this approach in your own mind.       It may also take a while to find a therapist that can connect effectively.


  • Lindum Counselling and Lindum Listening Ears, based in Lincoln, offer a free counselling service for children and adults.       See details.
  • Alternatively, the Counseling Directory can put you in touch will qualified counsellors in the Grantham area, or elsewhere, with expertise in Autism.

Justice system

Autistic people are more likely to be victims and witnesses of crime than offenders.      If you witness a crime, or are the victim of a crime, you might be interviewed by the police and go to court.      The National Autistic Society has produced a page to help explain the justice system.       Click icon to view.

Asperger experts

Danny Raede has discovered for himself ways of understanding and coping with the difficulties he experiences as someone on the spectrum.        He has formed Asperger Experts to guide and support others in the same boat.       Click icon for their advice & how to page.       They also have an on-line community that you can join – see home.       See also: about

Asperger girls

Reddit online forum has an Asperger girls page.       It has the title:  Life skills and healthy coping mechanisms for the ASD community.      Click icon to browse this page.      The questions they tackle are quite grown-up.       Their general Asperger’s page could be worth a look too.

Keran – age 33

Meet Keran Bunker, who has always struggled to keep jobs or a place to live and did not find out he had autism with ADHD until he was-33.        Click play button for his video.


You do not have to look far to see that relationship issues are of concern to all kinds of people.        However, below are a few links offering handy insights into relationships for people with Asperger’s.

  • ArticleRelationship Difficulties Due to Deficits in “Theory of Mind”  
  • ArticleRules of Effective Listening: Tips for Men on the Spectrum
  • Adult relationships – bullet points
  • Issues for partners
  • This is for the partner of someone with Asperger’s:  Chat website
  • Radio programme – may well still be available to hear on-line:        Why do so many women think their men have Asperger’s syndrome?

Survival guide

This on-line publication takes the form of brief bullet points divided up into chapters.      Click icon to browse.

Chat for Adults with Asperger’s

This is a website dedicated to people with Asperger’s.        Contributors tackle many topics.       Look for the Popular Posts as well as other links down the right hand side.       There is also a search box.       Below are some of the more substantial ones.

See also

Neurodiversity is a concept and a movement in support of people on the autistic spectrum.       It holds that autism is a valid way of being.     Click icon to find out more.

Shine Lincolnshire supports people with poor mental health, and may be helpful to quite a few people with Asperger’s.      They may be able to help to get your life back on track.      Click icon to find them.

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