I’m not a robot

Why It’s Hard To Keep A Job When You Have Asperger’s, I’m Not a Robot.      Click icon for article    See also about the author.

Issues around rigidity

Heather shares her experience of learning to work on the spectrum.      She talks about coping with her issues around rigidity.       There is a video clip at the top of the page (preceded by an advert).      Be the best you can be at that job because that’s what’s gonna save you if you do make the social blunders, Lesko said.       Click icon for article

Non-profit agencies

John has lost several jobs due to social anxiety.       This article explores the ways in which nonprofit agencies offer help in placing autistic young adults into jobs.      They recommend supports like checklists, clear outlines of rules and procedures, quieter workspaces when possible and short, scheduled breaks for sensory downtime when needed.       Click icon for article