Getting help

Advice about work

The National Autistic Society website has a page about work related issues.      Click icon to find out about NAS services & support for:

  • Looking for work
  • In work
  • Students
  • Employers


We can support people who are out of work and claiming the above benefits.      But it doesn’t end there ….         See:  disability criteria         See also:  About        My employment

Shaw TrustShaw Trust map

Specialist support for people with disabilities to find and stay in work.      Click icon to go to their website.       Shaw Trust does not have an office in Grantham but they do have one in Lincoln.
Shaw Trust  

Unit 8
Allenby Business Village
Crofton Road
Lincoln, LN3 4NL          Check at:  Address


Specialisterne is for people on the autism spectrum with an aptitude for IT etc.      The only part of the UK in which they operate at present, 2019, is Northern Ireland.       Click icon for more information.       They provide an interesting example to others.