Independent living

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Just what you want to know.              Nice and easy.             The Transitions website explains your choices and rights between the ages 14 and 25 so it can help support you in becoming an adult.

Everyday Aspergers  

This is a community group with a Website and a Facebook page with a lot of insights presented in an Asperger-friendly way.


A couple of easy reading guides:

  • A guide to on-line safety including some handy tips.
  • A guide to resources on safety generally.

Mate crime

Mate crimes happen when people with learning disabilities are befriended by someone who uses the relationship to exploit or abuse them.             Click icon for article and play button for video – Making plans for Nigel.

Safe phone use

1. A genuine caller will usually tell you who they are and why they are phoning you.            If the very first thing they do is to ask you to confirm your name it is not a good sign.          They might ask, “Hello.  Is that John Doe?”, for example.         If the voice does not sound at all familiar think about disconnecting the call pretty quickly.

2. When you are looking for a contact number for a company or organisation look for a land line.          That is 01…/02…/03… numbers.           They are more likely to reputable companies.          They should also have a postal address.            A mobile number (that is 07…) might be OK for someone who does not charge much, though, like a gardener.

Unsure of yourself?

Perhaps you could talk it over with someone you know well, and trust a lot.           See if they are confident that you know what you are doing.

Guide to safe living

Parties, Dorms and Social Norms:  A Crash Course in Safe Living for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum.         “The late teens and twenties are exciting times, but filled with potential pitfalls as young people navigate the transition into independent adult life.”          This book was written by Dr. Lisa Meeks, an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of Medical Student Disability Services at The University of California.         See Amazon.

Musical memory aid

Here is a hand idea for you to help yourself to remember something important.            Watch this video.


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