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GAIN events

We are incredibly happy to announce that GAIN has secured a major funding boost from Moy Park.      It means we will be able to run twelve autism friendly events a year for three calendar years starting this February.

Click Facebook icon for a list of events as they become available, and to make bookings.

Apologies, change of plan: *

  • The cinema is not screening anything interesting on Sun 5th Nov, so it is still a case of wait and see.
  • Kart racing at Lincoln may be possible in the Christmas holidays but a session at Arcade Warehouse is less likely.
  • Christmas party will be at Jump Revolution for twenty kids (possibly a double session).
  • Hoping to get answers about the Christmas screening this week.

Supportive screenings

Weekly supportive screenings at the Savoy cinema, St Catherine’s RoadGrantham, NG31 6TT.

The films are from 10am.       Doors open beforehand.       Prices are as advertised.       They are autism-friendly but all are welcome.      Click  image for more information.

See also booking guide.

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