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Attention autism

Other websites

Attention autism has a following around the country.     Google lists several websites that feature it.      They offer their own guides to using the approach.      Click icon to browse.      For example, see this Norfolk NHS      It offers three downloads.      See bottom of their page about authors.

Here is an introduction to using Attention autism to help to improve communication.      It is by a UK mum on her website about visual aids.      Click icon to browse.

One of the core ideas is to arouse curiosity about what is in the attention bucket.      Here is a video clip about using it.      Click icon to watch.     Quite a few people have shared their videos about the approach on Youtube.

Paying attention is a key skill for learning but children with ASD typically have shorter attention spans than other children.      See article from Autism parenting magazine.

  Gina Davies

Attention autism is an approach to getting autistic children to join in with adult led activities.      Gina Davies is a speech and language therapist.      She developed the approach.       Click icon for her website.       It has several video clips.

Also, the blog offers step by step guides for some specific issues.


There is an Attention Autism centre in Peterborough.

College options for age 14 – 16

If your son or daughter is not academic it might be worth considering a vocational option at a further education college.      See government guide to find out about it.      It covers:new

  • Full-time enrolment for technical qualifications alongside general qualifications, including English and mathematics,
  • Part-time courses for home educated young people.      See also Ed Yourself for detailed questions and answers.
  • Funding comes from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) rather than Lincolnshire county council.

  Nottingham College

Nottingham college works either with schools or home educators to meet the needs of 14-16 year-olds.

Part-time college may be an option at this age for home educated pupils.       Nottingham College has options for under 16’s.      Click icon for their Pre-16s page.      It outlines options for home educated students in years 10 – 11.       updated

They also work with schools, helping to develop practical skills for students working towards a vocational course at college.

 Lincoln UTC

Lincoln University Technical College has a secondary comprehensive academy at Greenwood house.      Click icon directory record.     Their website has a SEND statement.       The policy page has downloads for admissions, SEND policy and SEND information.       updated

The admissions document says that all students with statements of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plans where Lincoln UTC is the nominated school on the statement will be admitted. 

Grantham College

Grantham College does not seem to be offering anything for the 14-16 age group in 2023/24.

School years

Here is a table of school years and ages.

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