KIDS’ Support

KIDS’ Early Support & Learning provision is specifically for pre-school children with additional needs.          No need for a diagnosis or referral, parents can decide to take their children.          If you can let them know you are coming it helps, though.           See:  leaflet            the service

  • This is the official name for KIDS’ Crèche.         Parents are asked to stay with their child for the first hour, then they are free to go wherever they wish for the last two hours.
  • It is available in selected children’s centres around the county.            To find out where see List.
  • Signs that a child might be on the Autistic Spectrum can start to show around the age of two.        The staff there can spot signs of autism in children of mothers that might be just beginning to think that things are not progressing as expected.
  • The staff there can refer you on to other services if needed.           For example, they could help with an application to the Early Bird programme, if you wanted it.
  • See KIDS for more about their aims and background.             Please note, KIDS have NO connection with Kids Company.

Phone the contact for the Children’s Centre to make arrangements if you can.
See List to find the person to contact for your area, or Grantham details if you are in that area.


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