Sensory rooms

Quite a few of Lincolnshire’s children’s centres have a sensory room.Sensory03             These can provide a
valuable aid for children on the spectrum to recover from the trials of life.           They can aid
relaxation, promote well-being and help in developing new skills.

  • For a quick introduction to sensory rooms, see:  Active Learning.
  • For more information, see: SEN article.           Multi-sensory environments provide invaluable
    opportunities for personal development and empowerment, and they can play a vital role in the
    , says Suzanne Little.

See  Grantham children’s centres   or  Lincolnshire children’s centres to find the nearest one to you.

Sensory room LCC02Expert help

KIDS’ Early Support & Learning Provision Sensory rooom LCC01can help pre-school
children to get the most from the sensory room.

  • They may set the room up for soothing or learning.
  • They decide what to do by talking to parents and watching the child.

See KIDS’ outline for more information.


Young People

For the more mature, you can get something of the sensory room experience on-line.            Try these video clips: Relax, Dolphins, for example.