Sensory destinations

 Quiet opticians

Lunettes in Southgate, SleafordNG34 7RL, offers SEND friendly eye care.      Click icon for more information. updated

Specsavers in Lincoln High Street, LN5 7DW, held its first quiet clinic in 2017 and then the first Sunday of every month, 10am until 4pm,      These clinics have been planned in consultation with local support groups such as Canadda and PAACT.     

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There is no shortage of advice for coping with sensory sensitivity when getting a child’s hair cut.      Click icon for a UK based parent’s guide.      See also:

  • Tips from for hairdressers from the National Autistic Society 
  • This weekend my boy let me cut his hair – after 3 years of preparation.       See example.
  • Here is an article setting out an autistic adult’s views about getting her hair cut from The Mighty

A haircut technique

One barber has developed a unique technique where he will cut a child’s hair during long periods while sitting on the floor, on window sills or even in the car.     See article with video clip.

Going to the dentist

Many of us dread the thought of visiting the dentist but for people with autism and/or learning difficulties it can be an especially challenging experience.     This article was written by an autism parent after a trip to the dentist.

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