Famous people

Bill Gates etc.

Does Bill Gates have Asperger’s?       Opinion is divided.       Here is an easy reading on-line discussion.       Both sides of the argument have a case, but it seems reasonable to believe that he might.       Anyway, click icon for a very brief outline of the way his career got going. 

Here is a 3 minute interview with him.1991

Here is a 3 minute interview with him.1991      Then, click play button for a watchable 8 minute video about Bill and charting the rise of MS Windows.1994.

Armchair doctors

Also, here is a thoughtful article about Gates and children with Asperger’s.       

Here is a thoughtful article about Gates and children with Asperger’s.     Also, in Undiagnosing Gates, the writer explores in some depth the reasons why people might think that some famous people are or were on the autistic spectrum.      He offers an intelligent critique.

Richard Branson

Have you heard of Richard Branson?       He founded Virgin group, which today controls 400 companies in various fields.       He has spoken about his own dyslexia.

People with Asperger’s tend to be unconventional.     This can sometimes be an advantage.       Richard Branson has defied convention in quite a few ways, often with considerable success.     Click icon for a biography that illustrates this.      His achievements are legendary.

Also, did you know that Virgin records was his first business venture or how he chose the name?      For this and more here are a few of the highlights of his career. 

Isaac Newton

Some people say that Newton had Asperger’s Syndrome.      He definitely was not at all sociable but was very focused on his work.       See apple fell on his head, which got him thinking about the nature of gravity.      His three laws of motion, mathematically formulated, have played a significant role in developing the modern world we live in today      They are still used by engineers and scientists.

  • For the story of his life see:  Woolsthorpe Manor in Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth, and that he went to school at King’s School in Grantham.
  • Here is a video that delves behind the widely held image of the man.*
  • There are many books in Lincolnshire Libraries on Isaac Newton, if you would like to immerse yourself in a good read.      Several of them can be found in the Grantham branch.      See:  Library list
  • He is said to have invented Calculus.      You could say that calculus actually is rocket science.      Here are some easy viewing videos:  Introduction to the maths         Who invented calculus?

Celebrities on the spectrum

Dan Harmon, pictured, is an American writer and performer.      He has said that he is on the autistic spectrum and discusses Asperger’s syndrome as portrayed in one of his characters in his TV comedy series Community.       Here is an article about his leading role in the series.

Some people in the public eye are considered to be on the autistic spectrum.      Here are video samples of some of their songs, films etc:   Susan Boyle        James Durbin        Tim Burton        DanHarmon – witty      Temple Grandin        Peter Tork – Monkees’ keyboard & bass player       Vincent D’Onofrio       

For the full Temple Grandin film see Have you seen?

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