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Children on-line

BBC Radio 4 had a phone-in about protecting children on-line in Jan 2019.        Click icon for the podcast.        Drag along timeline to 12:43 to find the phone-in.


Autism & communication

Michael Rosen finds out about communication with people on the autistic spectrum.             Click icon to listen on iPlayer.  


Click icon to find the trailer for ‘Atypical’, Netflix’s new comedy series about autism.            It premiers in August 2017.          The eight-episode comedic series follows Sam Gardner, a high school senior on the autism spectrum, and his family as he navigates dating, school and being a teenager.

First episode dissapointing for one viewer.            In this op-ed, actor Mickey Rowe explains why Netflix’s new show Atypical misrepresents its autistic audience — and why that begins with its failure to include the autistic community in its creative process.

Another was happier.         For me the series is based on a extremely high functioning autistic individual. He goes to mainstream school and is achieving top grades.       He is very articulate and has a job outside of school plus a girlfriend. This for me is the dream outcome.      Many autistic and sensory traits were spot on.      Also the family dynamics were true and realistic.      I chuckled when the parents went to the support group and the dad kept being corrected on his use of language … 

Lucy Mangan on Responsibility

Click icon to listen to this intelligent and engaging interview.         Lucy Mangan feels she avoids responsibility whenever possible.  But she’s always been fascinated by those who run towards responsibility rather than away from it.  She talks to Bea Harvie, a post-graduate student, whose father got ill when she was thirteen.  Bea chose to take on a lot of caring duties towards her younger siblings while her Mother was busy caring for her Father.  She describes the experience as something she just got on with, and reveals that it also was a useful distraction from dealing with her own feelings about her Dad’s illness.  Until one day when she was sixteen and it all caught up with her.  She says it’s like shaking up a bottle of fizzy pop: ‘it’s got to come out some way’.

More or Less

Play button - listenThe Radio 4 programme that goes behind the numbers in the news.          For example,  Following a referendum, the UK has voted to leave the European Union.       Tim Harford and the team explore what that might mean for the UK’s economy.          
For example see Brexit economics             Click icon for more episodes.

The A-WordA-Word USA

The acclaimed international six part drama series will premiere in the USA on Wednesday July 13th on Sundance TV, 10pm Eastern time, 9pm Central.

Lack of empathy

Play button - listenHow far can empathy, or the lack of it, can explain cruelty.           Simon Baron-Cohen proposes turning the focus away from evil or specific personality disorders, and to understand human behaviour by studying the ’empathy circuit’ in the brain.          Also speaking:   forensic psychotherapist Gwen Adshead, crime writer Val McDermid and  philosopher Julian Baggini.          Click icon to listen again to this discussion.  

The A-WordA-Word - BBC 1

Autism family drama on BBC1 TV.          Concluding episode on 26th April Episode 6.        Tuesdays 9pm.          See also:  Video clips           GAIN post.

Men & Asperger’s

A radio programme may still be available to hear on-line:      Why do so many women think their men have Asperger’s syndrome?           (As of Jul 2016)

Dr Digby

In Holby City, Tue 3rd Nov, matters have come to a head for Dr Digby and he is experiencing a crisis of confidence.            His lack of people skills is getting in the way of his work as a doctor.               Dr Hanson has plans for him, though.              We will have to wait to find out what they are, and it could be several episodes before we do.               Still, it might be worth keeping an eye out to see what next Tuesday will bring.

Codes that changed the world

If you are a computer buff you might be interested in a Radio series about the history of computer programming.              One episode, about BASIC for example, was aired on Wed 8th Apr 2015.             You might be able to download the Podcasts of these programmes – still available Apr 2016.

Interviews about Autism

Radio 4 has been broadcasting a series of interviews about Autism.

  • A conversation with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen was aired on Tue 17th Feb 2015.            He is a highly respected authority on autism.
  • On Tue 24th Feb, an interview with a university research assistant with high-functioning autism was aired.       She explained her experience of life with very clearly.

You might be able to listen to Podcasts of these 15 minute programmes.          They should be available for at least 30 days after broadcast.               This one has stayed there for months.


29 November 2014.    Move over Dr Chao, Dr Keogh is back.        Dr Lily Chao made her entry to the hospital drama series giving everyone around her short shrift.        Now Dr Dylan Keogh has made a comeback.         Someone asked him, “Do you always treat people like that?”.         “Yes” was the curt, perfunctory reply.

The Village

August 2014.     The plan is to cover the 20th century from the First World War to beyond the Second World War, over several series.          The mood is perking up now.


The episode on 9th August 2014 featured a very convincing and  well crafted depiction of a teenage boy with autism.       He took a liking to someone playing Eric Clapton on the street.       It could be interesting to know that autistic people are represented on mainstream TV.