An issue in 2014

There has been talk on the news, since 10th April 2014 or so, about Castlean internet bug that might let criminals get hold of key personal information.   Some people have been advising to change all passwords.

  • You only need to change your passwords for sites that have https  at the beginning of their addresses.     You find this in the top left corner of your screen, with a padlock symbol in front of it.     It will look
    something like this:HTTPS-2
  • Banking sites offer extra security e.g. Trusteer,  which helps to make them safer than most.     If you bank on-line and your bank is on Trusteer’s list of  customer websites  it would be a very good idea to make sure Trusteer is installed.     To find out look for the icon below.      You can see where to find it on the screen print above.Trusteer
    The best place to go to install it is probably your bank’s website.