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  Social stories

Social stories for kids with Asperger’s can help to teach basic social skills in a simple and direct way that they can understand.      Click icon to find out what they are, how they help and how to write your own, from the National autistic society.     See also:

  • Social stories were created by Carol Gray in 1991 in Michigan, USA.     Her website offers a wealth of sample stories.
  • Successful Social Stories, by Dr Siobhan Timmins, contains guidance, illustrations and examples.      See Amazon    Good Reads.      Find preview by clicking Look Inside on the Amazon page.     The author is based in Essex.
  • This is a book of containing many social stories – The New Social Stories book (2015).     See:  Amazon      Good Reads.      Have a look at four examples by clicking Look Inside on the Amazon page and then clicking First pages in the left margin.
  • Youtube has quite a few videos about writing your own social stories.     There are a few ready made stories too, like It’s OK to Back Away.
  • Pixabay might be a handy source of free images for social stories.

 Amazing things happen

Click play button for a video for children explaining autism.      (After advert)

Computer games

Computer games are said to offer benefits to children on the spectrum.       Click icon for GAIN page.


Fidgetbum is designed to keep bedding in place during the night.     The website is well presented.

Bouncy Bands look like an interesting idea for children with fidgety feet.      It gets the thumbs up from a teacher in the UK in principle.      Probably wise to check the reviews for the items that have them.      See: teacher       Amazon

Do you fidget at your desk?     Here is an article about a fidget cube.     See: article      Amazon

 Aukids magazine

A magazine offering information, encouragement and support for parents of children with autism spectrum conditions.       For four issues a year, AuKids costs £15 per year and includes access to a downloadable archive, too.     Click icon for their website.      Visitors can get a good idea what they contains from the sample issues in their Library section.     The website and publishers have a UK address.

Special clothing

Children with autism often have sensory issues.     They may be fussy about the clothes they wear, for example.     Hear is a list of some of the suppliers of specialist clothing .

If keeping clothes clean is a challenge, perhaps this list of some of the discussion  and supplier sites of specialist body suits might be helpful.

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