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Sparklebox offer free teaching aids for children with special educational needs.      Here is the Speech page.      Their terms of use are brief.

 National autistic society

The National Autistic Society has many pages about professional practice.     Click page icon to browse their professional practice pages or twitter icon for their Autism practice feed.     You can search within professional practice but sometimes searching from the home page is more helpful.      Here are a few highlights:

 Alternative settings

If it looks like you have reached the end of the road in trying to include a particular pupil or student, there are some other educational settings that could be considered.      Click icon to browse


This is a Social, Emotional and Mental Health blog and forum with tips and resources.      It is designed for every day use by busy professionals.     Click icon to browse.


Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH) is another broad brush approach to working with children or adults with autism.     It has more to do with values and priorities than specific techniques.      Click icon for more detail.

The NAS Early bird programme draws on the TEACCH approach.      See also:  Autism UK       Wikipedia


There is a shared classroom and home-schooling approach to education that may be worth considering for some autistic children.      Click icon for the National Autistic Society’s page on the subject.

Finished at school

Ambitious About Autism published a guide at the end of their Finished at School (FaS) campaign.     The learning it captured is intended to support colleges in developing effective practice to support learners with autism to make a successful transition from school to college and into adult life.      Click icon for guide.

   Click icon to view.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 3MB

Find out more about their Finished at school campaign.

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