Your Child’s GP might make a referral to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).        They are behind the Cinema on St Catherine’s Road in Grantham.

For official information see:      booklet         webpage         Grantham         referral guide
See also what the forums say:  referral         shambles        The replies are worth a look.       Those with good experiences may be less motivated to speak out on these forums, but if you look carefully you should find some.        Here is an insider’s view         (new)

One of our autism mums said,  I’ve had multiple dealings with CAMHS.   They can diagnose and prescribe medication so they offer a variety of help as well as behaviour management.    I find them excellent to deal with and they’ve been a fabulous support to us.

See also SEN support about the Lincolnshire Educational psychology service.


SHARE (Support, Help, Advice, Respite, Encouragement) is an independent family support and guidance service incorporating a parent run support group.         It is for families with children up to 25 on the autistic spectrum.          Click icon for their webpage.          See also news


For holidays in Lincolnshire see Take a break.

Lincolnshire guide to services and information

Here is a booklet intended to be a starting point to enable families to access appropriate support and services in Lincolnshire for children and young people with additional needs and complex difficulties / Autism Spectrum Disorders.         Click picture to download the booklet – at bottom of page.

The Lincolnshire County Council on-line Family Services Directory is the go-to place to find out about services.        Click icon for the SEND section.        It is likely to be the place with the most up-to-date information.        Service providers can update their own entries.        See also:  SEN/EHC Information        SEN/EHCSupport.

  • The Lincolnshire Council website has many pages of information for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability.       Click icon to browse.        It includes Short breaks and ESCO.        See also: Take a break       ESCO support
  • For information about social care assessment and support in Lincolnshire  see Children with disabilities social care.       To find out how to arrange an assessment contact the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782111.
  • Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board (LAPB) was set up to try and improve support for autistic people.       Have your say.        See:  LAPB        Lived Experience        The A Team        history.           Email:        They launched a monthly newsletter Autism Lincs early 2017.       See Issue 1 and click Past Issues at top left of screen to find all issues.
  • Total Voice Lincolnshire provides a free, independent and confidential advocacy service.      See:  introduction         website
  • They also have a Things to do page.

Main County Council switchboard:  01522 846911.


Phone iconDoc iconThe National Autistic Society have an on-line form as well as a phone number.       But before you call or email check to see how they can help.        They are much in demand, so it might be worth a look.        See also  Specialist advice & information services.         See icons to the left for the next step.          The Specialist Advice and information services page presents parents, carers and people with autism with a list of their specialist services to choose from.        If the helpline is busy you could try their Find answer on-line page.

Phone iconChild Autism UK is an autism charity.         See website.         It used to be called Peach.         Click the phone icon to see how they might be able to help.

Phone iconThe Challenging Behaviour Foundation offers telephone and email support to family carers and professionals caring for children and adults with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.


Lincolnshire Family Information Services Looking for childcare?       Want to know if you can get help paying for childcare?       Want activities to do with your children?       Looking for children and family services?               We have lots of information for families, child carers and professionals …   

For specialist SEN helplines see SEN/EHC Support.              Also, do blogs and on-line communities sound interesting?            If so, see Tips and What is it like?.

Action for Children

  • They offer a range of services for families with disabled children.
  • Their Lincolnshire Short breaks can help to make leisure and social activities more accessible.             Here are some short breaks stories.
  • Here are search results for Lincolnshire using icon at top right of screen.
  • Here are some frequently asked questions about Personal Budgets.
  • Disability Lincolnshire, is part of Action for Children.               Click icon for their Facebook page.

Lincolnshire Carers Service

The Lincolnshire Carers Service is a partnership between Lincolnshire County Council and Carers FIRST.        This service includes parents of children.          First point of contact is the County Council’s Customer Service Centre:   01522 782 224  or         Click icon for the range of support for carers.

Carers FIRST is the new name for Carers connect.         They provide emotional and practical support, advice, information, guidance and offer statutory carer assessments, social groups, short break respite, activities trips and more.        Click icon for an introduction to Carers FIRST.        Phone the number above to access Carers FIRST services.

For more information see:  introduction        website         out of hours        history

Carers UK

Carers UK is a charity which works to help carers by providing information, advice, support and by campaigning for change.                Click icon for their website.

  • They offer a wide range of Help & advice  including information on the range of financial support that is available to carers through the benefit system.
  • For information about Carer Support specifically for carers of children under 18 and young carers see Carer Assessments.
  • For more detaied information see resources.            Having the right information at the right time can make a huge difference for the carer and the person they care for.
  • Have a look at Talk to us about their Advice line including advice line hours:     0808 808 777.

For information specifically for carers of adults see adult Care & Support.

NAS Services

The NAS also has a comprehensive Autism Services Directory to help you discover what other groups and organisations have to offer.

Children’s therapy

Find out about NHS children’s therapy services in Lincolnshire, e.g.  information       guidance       FAQ          Click icon to browse.


Home-Start Lincolnshire are here to help – for free.       If you are a family with young children in need of a helping hand – we’ve got a trained volunteer who will offer friendship, emotional and practical support through weekly home visits for as long as is needed
See: website          support           Grantham          other local contacts             01507 308 030   

Mental wellbeing & support

While autism is about development rather than mental health, people with autism may have mental health issues too.

  • Mind is a UK charity that provides advice and support for mental health issues.           See:  website        what we do         advocacy
  • Shine Mental Health Support Network for Lincolnshire is a signposting service pointing people to appropriate services and support.            Their website includes information and notices of local activities, events and opportunities.            See:  introduction           website
  • CASY – Counselling and Support for Young People.         CASY provides a confidential counselling service to young people aged from 6 25  Their counsellors are available in many schools, at thier office in Newark and a number of community venues throughout Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.              See:  introduction          website          what we do           contact us
  • YoungMinds is a UK charity that offers information to young people and children about mental health and emotional wellbeing.                See:  introduction         website         feelings & symptoms         CAMHS-guide               See also CAMHS below.
  • Childline is a free, private and confidential service where you can be yourself.           Get in touch about anything:  online, on the phone at any time.             See website.
  • Samaritans offer a safe place to talk at any time, in your own way – about anthing that is getting to you.             See website.

Learning Disability Partnership Board

The Lincolnshire Learning Disability Partnership Board aims to make sure that different people, organisations and agencies work together to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.          Board members include: people with a learning disability, parents and carers.         See website for more about them.           Email:             01522 706 580

Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board

The LAPB is designed to try and improve support for autistic people.          Have your say.          See:  LAS news        LAPB        Lived Experience      The A Team           Email:

Family Court

If you need legal support for a case about your child, maybe to do with care or adoption, you may want to know about CAFCAS.        It stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.      Their website offers information for Children and Teenagers as well as Grown ups.

Here are some Top tips for dealing with CAFCAS from Net Mums.         Also, it might also be worth bearing in mind that the people at CAFCAS may not know how to deal with a child on the autistic spectrum.         This link to the National Autistic Society web page  About autism  could be useful if you wanted to print off some explanations that might help them to understand your child.

Things seem to have Improved according to Ofsted since 2008, when they found Progress inadequate, though their 2014 report also points to
areas where there is room for improvement.        The Guardian reported on apparent Success in 2012 of a management initiative to make the “health and wellbeing of social workers a priority in the workplace”, which, the Guardian said, includes CAFCAS .         So there seems to be some good news.


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