ME/Chronic Fatigue

Symptoms & diagnosis – The core symptom of ME/CFS is profound and disabling fatigue, which almost always affects both physical and mental functioning.     The fatigue and other symptoms are not caused by ongoing excessive exertion and are not relieved by rest.     One of the most striking features of this fatigue is what is termed ‘post-exertional malaise’ or ‘post-exertional symptom exacerbation’.

What is ME/CFS?  … the scale of impairment across a range of physical and mental activities can be just as great or greater than is seen in many other chronic medical conditions.

  • Is CFS related to autism?       I suspect all three have related underlying processes and, given a specific genetic makeup, the very same processes that trigger CFS and fibromyalgia in adults can trigger autism in children.         See article
  • Managing CFS/ME – friendly guidelines for people with the condition.
  • The NHS website says, Extreme tiredness and other physical symptoms can make it hard to carry out everyday activities.
  • ME Support is a UK national support group.


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