See adult Support for carers about Carer’s Allowance for carers of adults.

Benefits news

  • Inquiry into disability benefits, led by Frank Field, ‘deluged’ by tales of despair.           Several themes emerge from the testimony heard by the work and pensions committee.           See article.
  • Exemption from re-assessment for Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) is not as expected.            People with life-long or severe disability will only be exempt if they are deemed to be unfit for ‘work-related activity’.              See article.
  • Get the lastest on the benefits system.             See Disability news            e.g. Call for action

Money Matters

This guide has been prepared for parents of disabled children who want to know what financial help may be available for them and what arrangements they may need to put in place to manage their children’s finances from birth and as they get older.

Benefits adviser

Carers First is the new name for Carers connect.         They have a dedicated benefits adviser.        He offers free advice to carers, including parents in a caring role, under the age of 50 and living in Lincolnshire.         He is very approachable and has professional experience of the benefits system.        In this role, though, he is completely independent of the government and does not work for a government agency.

  • See benefits  or look for Information -> Carers Rights on home page.
  • Contact Lincolnshire County Council’s Customer Service Centre, Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm, by calling 01522 782224 or emailing
  • For more about Carers FIRST see Resources.

Benefits & care

The National Autistic Society provides a sound introduction to benefits and care.      Click icon to browse.

Official information

Lincolnshire County Council publish information on benefits and finance in their Family Services Directory.            See:  Family-benefits             DLA-for-children          DLA-&-PIP-for-youth           PIP-for-ages-16—64  – see also below           Money-Advice

Also, for information about Carers Allowance see:  NHS        Government.

Personal Budget

If a child or young person has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, or who has been assessed as needing an EHC plan, then a personal SEND budget can be requested.           See outline for Lincolnshire.            It contains links to a number of relevant articles.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

This is the replacement for DLA for people aged 16-65 with a disability or long term health problem.       It has been in the process of being phased in since 2013.

  • Citizens Advice offer a large number of pages about PIP, all neatly arranged to make it easy to find your way around.
  • The National Autistic Society (NAS) has published an series of pages on the new benefit.      They also have a list of related pages.
  • If you want to see what the government has to say about it, you can choose from OverviewDetail and News.

Universal credit

Contact has produced a page about Universal Credit.        Click icon on the left to view.       They have also launched a campaign about Universal Credit called Counting the cost.        The aim is to stop the cut in benefits for disabled children it represents.        Click icon on the right for details.

They also have a helpline.         There are four ways to get in touch with Contact:                              See Facebook, Twitter & email queries

Family Fund

They provide grants to low-income families with disabled children.           Fill in their application form and post it to their office in York.           For more information click on the icon below.Family fund logoA representative attended a Lincolnshire Parent Carer Council coffee morning in 2012 to promote the scheme.