Autism help sheets

Options clinical team has produced a range of autism help sheets.         Click icon to browse.         Look for the heading above each help sheet image.          For more about Options Group see  Specialist services


NAS information

Children on the autistic spectrum are often attracted to toys or games that use computer
technology.             Here is the  National Autistic Society’s guide to Using technology.

The National Autistic Society’s  Online shop  has a large collection of books and DVD’s about
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and management of the condition.            There are approximately 300 titles available.           The books cover all aspects of autism, behaviour, bullying, employment etc.

A few of the booklets are free to download from the NAS website including:

There is also a wealth of information pages to browse.           Look at the menus at the top of each web page and the topics at the
bottom of each page.               To view click the icon on the right.

NAS Magazine

The National Autistic Society publishes a quarterly magazine for members.              There appears to be an annual fee for membership.

Ambitious about Autism

Doc iconClick the icon to browse this website.               It offers a lot of information about autism and it is very well presented.              If you are over 16 you can  Talk to others  who have joined their on-line community.              They say it is friendly, supportive and welcoming to new members.              You can discuss anything related to autism.               The community has  moderators  and  guidelines.

NHS Dentists

Click icon for a Healthwatch Lincolnshire statement about difficulties getting an NHS Dentist in Spalding after a meeting on 31st October 2017.

AS Support Group

AS Support Group Online is UK based and offers information, guidance and opinion from people with Asperger’s Syndrome.                The content is thoughtful and well laid out.                Contributors are not afraid to go out on a limb and say it the way they see it.
See:    Home           About            History

GP register

NICE is recommending that GPs in England keep a register of patients with autism in order to improve the care they receive.          The guidance from NICE needs to be accepted by NHS England before it is put into practice in GP surgeries in England.              See also NICE.

For those worried about data security see Should people register?           The information is stored at the NHS data centre and can only be seen with permission.          People have to explain why they need your information and what they plan to do with it.          This means that agencies such as social services, schools etc should not have access to this information.


This UK based website offers a wealth of information.                  It is a national charity that strives to improve the lives of children with neurological conditions, through research, information and direct, on-going support.          Click icon for their website.         They have a Help & Info page.         Topics include Anxiety, Money, School Transport and Research among many others.

Different not less

Steve Silberman puts some flesh on the bones of this slogan with hard-headed analysis and vision in this article.                It has a 14 minute video at the bottom of the page that explains his thinking.                “By focusing exclusively on long-range research into alleged ‘risk factors’ for autism, while ignoring the need to dramatically improve the quality of life for autistic people and their families today, we fool ourselves into thinking that autism is a
‘puzzle’ that will be solved by the next medical breakthrough.”                “Instead of forcing potential autistic employees to prove their worth by charming a
recruiter in a face-to-face interview, SAP takes potential employees through a five-week process in which the candidates can demonstrate their abilities by showing the quality of their work in ways that draw on their natural strengths and interests.”

Awareness cards

Stickman Communications produces a range of colourful awareness cards.               See range of cards               Prices are in UK £, as with the NAS below.

The National Autistic Society (NAS) also produces a couple of products that can be useful in public spaces, like a supermarket:

  • A batch of 50 autism awareness cards:   “This person has autism …”.
  • A single plastic wallet with card to keep inside and a key facts leaflet.               See also photos of what looks like the same thing – it would be nice to have more information.

Display Cards

Here are a few free resources.             Printable sheets:  Display cards           Status cards           No touching
How to use the cards:  guide


One in five children under 16 is looked after by their grandparents in the day time …                 See  Grandparents.              This links to several more specific pages for grandparents, e.g.  Supporting.

Asperger’s Syndrome

The Asperger”s Syndrome Foundation offers quite a bit of insight:   What is Asperger’s Syndrome?           Information sheets

Dealing with stress & panic attacks

It would be nice to get to the root cause of difficulties, but it may often be a case of finding ways to cope with the effects.         Here are are a couple of fact sheets that might be worth a look:

Stress and autism spectrum disorders              Panic attacks and autism spectrum disorders

Getting things sorted

This toolkit aims to support disabled people and carers, as well as their families and advisers, who are encountering difficulties with the statutory agencies in relation to the provision of health, social care and education support services.                 It was developed at Cardiff Law School.                Click icon to view.


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