Early support

See also  School age  about special clothing.

Toy engineChildcare

Here is an introduction to a new guide to help ensure parents do not miss out on free early years child care and education.

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Chapter 4 on finding free childcare might be of particular interest.
Chapter 9 goes through a number of possible problems and outlines what the law says about them.

See also KIDS’ Support to find out about Lincolnshire Children’s Centres support group for pre-school children with additional needs.           Parents are asked to stay with their child for the first hour, then they are free to go wherever they wish for the last two hours.

Life Skills

This booklet offers a practical approach to help parents and carers develop life skills in their young children.    It is produced by Falkirk Council.    To read this booklet click on the icon below.

Early Support

Lincolnshire County Council provide an Early support, care and co-ordination service, or ESCO for short.    It is for children under eighteen with complex health needs or disabilities.    Lincolnshire council has an ESCO web page.       They also produce an ESCO leaflet.       To view it click on the icon below.

To book an ESCO Drop in clinic appointment, phone the Customer Service Centre number: 01522 782111.
Clinics are held monthly at Children’s Centres.

Speech and Language

Click on  Speech and Language  to find out about speech and language development.


Read about parents whose preschool-age children have either autism or Aspergers.Netmums logo


Here is a handy Guide for autism parents.            For more information, plus help and support see School age under Toileting.