Guide to viewing updates

This web site’s View updates menu offers lists of recently updated pages or recently created posts.
The idea is to make it easier to keep up to date with this site.          If you have not tried it already, select one of the options to below.

  • With Mozilla Firefox they give you a page with a list of the most recently updated pages on this site for your chosen category.         See extract on the right.         It has a link to each post or page.         Underneath each link is a condensed display of the first couple of lines or so of content to give you some idea which ones might be worth selecting.         The latest update is at the top of each page on this website.
  • With Google Chrome you need to add an extension to the browser in order to get the preview display described above.         Without the extension you just get a list of page links.           Click icon to find out about this extension.

Actually the correct name for this list of updates is RSS feed, but it is not obvious what that means.          There are a number of ways to access feeds, several of which come at a price.


Formatted page vs bookmark display

  1. The recent updates page option above gives you a preview of each page or post, which gives you a much more specific idea what it is about than the Bookmark option outlined below.
  2. The bookmark option is quicker to use.         On the other hand, it does not show the content preview that you see on the page link above.          Click icon to get an idea how to set one up in Firefox and see how worth while it looks.