Latest updates guide

This web site’s Latest updates shows pages as well as posts.             The idea is to make it easier to keep up to date with this site.               The
Latest updates on the Home page, right hand column, is not the only way to do this.

Updates feed thumnail

Updates index page

Start by clicking the thumbnail to the left.              It gives you the Latest updates page for this site.             This includes a brief content preview and a link to each post or page.            Underneath each link is a condensed display of the first
couple of lines or so of content to give you some idea which ones might be worth selecting.              The latest update is usually at the top of each page on this website, so shows up on the preview.

Actually the correct name is RSS feed, but it is not obvious what that means.           There are a number of ways to access feeds, several of which come at a price.


Both of these bullet point options are free of charge.

  • The Latest updates page option above gives you a preview of each page or post, which gives you a much more specific idea what it is about than either the Home page or the Bookmark option outlined below.
  • The option outlined below is quicker to use.             It can help you to distinguish posts from pages, as outlined below.              On the other hand, it does not show the content preview that you see on the page link above.             See below to get an idea how worth while it looks.

Setting up a bookmark

You can set up a news feed menu in your the GAIN Feed - subscribebookmark option of your web browser, such as Firefox.       The easiest way to set it up is to:

  1. Click  the updates thumbnail above to open the page
  2. Click the Subscribe Now button, and a little window pops up
  3. Click the Subscribe button in this little window, and the menu is set up

 Using your bookmark menu

  1. Now click your GAIN Feed menuBookmarks menu option, then the Bookmarks Toolbar option
  2. Hover over the GAIN Grantham menu item you have just
    created, and after a second or two a list of items should appear.
  3. If you now hover over an item you might recognise the path to a page.             For example: 
    which would refer to the Welcome -> About Us page
  4. Alternatively it might be a post, in which case you will see the month in which it was created in the path.          For example: 
    which would refer to the post with the title Coffee – May from May 2015.