News Feed

Facebook likeNews Feed does not show you everything that is available to you, so what are your options?       Firstly, be sure to click the Like button at the top of the GAIN Facebook page in order to see posts from the GAIN timeline on your News Feed.

News Feed settings

If you use news feed with Facebook, do you want to be sure to keep up with the GAIN page ?       You can change your GAIN page settings:

  1.  Log in to Facebook
  2.  Select the Facebook GAIN page
  3.  Click the the Following button at the top of the page and select See first.
  4. You might also want to select notifications for Events too.

You can also fine tune all the posts that you see on News Feed:

  1. Select your own Home page
  2. Click  . . .  next to News Feed.       (Left hand column of page.)
  • If you want to stop Facebook from switching you back to Top stories, the default option, then set your bookmark to:
  • If you are not already seeing content from the GAIN page on your news feed, and would like to, click the Like button at the top of the page.
  • For more information click on  controlling what you see.

Selective News Feed

Facebook likeClicking Like on individual posts should help Facebook to select more of what you want to see on News Feed.