See also:  Take part in research about self-harm in autistic people.

Gardens & woods

The Friendly garden, at Eagle Hall farm, is the location for a range of garden related events organised by the Sage Gardener.      They have made changes to the way they do things to make events COVID safe.       Click icon to find out more.      There appear to be dates for up-coming events for 2021.       See also map.

Hillside community garden is at the back of Lincoln County Hospital.      It is the site for Green Synergy‘s current project.      See: Green synergy.

Hill holt wood is a woodland social enterprise.      Check their website to check that they are open.


Hopelinks is launching SIRs, a social Isolation responder phone service.       It aims to give carers and people in general the opportunity to chat, often unburdening themselves, in a friendly setting.      Click icon for the brochure.

Ask an autistic

A ladies’ community group plans to launch a blog on 31_March.       Send in your questions to darkside.risingcic@gmail.com or log in to their Facebook page.      Click graphic for an introduction.

Emotional wellbeing

There seem to be some new  resources and services developed to support for emotional wellbeing and mental health in Lincolnshire.       Click icon for GAIN guide.      See also:  Lincolnshire recovery college

Parent to parent

The National Autistic Society has set up a Parent to parent emotional support helpline.       Phone them or fill in an online form to request a phone call.       Click icon to find out more.


Shine put out a newsletter in 2020 that addresses some issues of current interest.       Click icon to browse.

Shine aims to put people with mental health issues in touch with sources of support.      See Shine basics

Shine Lincolnshire, the mental health support network, are putting on virtual coffee mornings for carers in Lincolnshire.      They are regularly on Mon, Wed & Fri on Zoom.      See how they work.

Their website has details about the up-coming events and much more.