Special Educational Needs


Pre-school support

If your child is attending nursery then that would be the obvious place to start.         It could also be well worth a try making enquiries at the children’s centres nearest to you.        They do not always seem to advertise all their services on-line and selected centres have quite a bit to offer pre-school children with additional needs, so it might be worth making a phone call.

Getting support at school

Your child’s school would be the obvious place to start in this case.       Each school should have a Special Educational Needs Co-coordinator, or SENCo, in the UK.       Contact has a page about extra support in school.       The National Autistic Society has set of guides to school and student life.

College options for ages 14 – 16

If your son or daughter is not academic it might be worth considering a vocational option at a Further Education college instead of school.       Click icon for GAIN guide.       It highlights options in Grantham, Lincoln and Nottingham.

GP’s role

If you have not reached the diagnosis stage then your child’s GP (family doctor) needs to be consulted early on for a referral.       Also, if you think things are dragging on too long for your child’s well-being then the GP might think it appropriate to try to speed things up.

Transitional school

Pupils in Lincolnshire who are too unwell to attend their own school may be referred to The Pilgrim School.       See  schools        It has several bases around the county, e.g. Lincoln.

Part time school?

There may be the option of attending school part time.       Click icon for a guide to flexi-schooling.      Here is an example of a parent who managed to come to such an arrangement for her son who has Asperger’s syndrome.

Help at home

If your child feels unable to go continue to go to school at all, getting help to study at home rather than in school does not seem to be an easy process.       Specifically, according to this UK-based FAQ page, in Dec 2015:

  • Unless your child’s SEN statement specifies provision at home to be made by the LA, the statement becomes a legally unenforceable document.
  • If parents have not electively de-registered (e.g. child is excluded, ill, or unable to attend school for other reasons), the LA does have a duty to arrange provision, which can be ‘otherwise than at school’, but, under current legislation (s19), this provision may be minimal, patchy and possibly inappropriate.

This FAQ page has more in the same vein, and it would be quite essential to check that it has not been changed rather than relying on the quotes above.

Key terms

Which school year is which?        Here is a table of school years and ages.