Special Educational Needs

When more extra support is needed than mainstream schools provide an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan may be the way forward.      For in-depth guidance see:

Additional needs schools

For children with an Education Health & Care (EHC) plan a more specialised environment may be offered by schools for additional needs.       You can request a specific school when you receive the draft EHC plan.       Also, here is a guide to choosing a special school.

Parents in the Grantham area might find a place for their child at:

  • F-footerTwitter small iconAmbergate Sports College & Sandon SchoolGANF caters for pupils aged 3 – 19 with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex needs.        Many are on the autistic spectrum.      Grantham
  • Greenfields Academy is a Specialist School for SEMH pupils (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) aged 4 to 16 years.     Grantham      (previously  Phoenix Academy)       See:  Admissions        new
  • Gosberton House Academy is a specialist primary school mainly for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.      Near Spalding

Alternatives to mainstream

If things are not working out for your child or teenager at a mainstream school there may be other places to go in Lincolnshire that might be able to help.       Click icon to find out more.      Notably, pupils who are too unwell to attend their own school may be referred to The Pilgrim School.      It has several bases around the county, e.g. Lincoln.

Part time school?

There may be the option of attending school part time.       Click icon for a guide to flexi-schooling.     Here is an example of a parent who managed to come to such an arrangement for her son who has Asperger’s syndrome.      Look in FE colleges for options in our area.

Help at home

Home education special is a UK based website.      If your child feels unable to go continue to go to school at all, getting help to study at home rather than in school does not seem to be an easy process.      The local authority does not have a duty to arrange help at home – as of Jan 2022.     The website does publish articles that could be of help to home educators, though.       Click icon for their FAQ page.

If you are interested see:  Home education

Online discussion

Ambitious about Autism has a lot of online discussion about educational issues.      Click icon to find it.      Once you are in their site, look for the magnifying glass icon on the top right and search for specific topics.

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Which school year is which?        Here is a table of school years and ages.

What schools are there?       Particularly special schools: