Contact us

01476 600074 – GAIN phone number since May 2020.       We now have voicemail in case we miss your call.       In that case we will phone you back.


Postal address:  GAIN Grantham
c/o 9 Eskdale Road
NG31 8EP.

We are located in England, which is part of the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Coffee mornings

Meet us for coffee and a chat at Belton Lane Children’s Centre, Grantham – when it re-opens.       See Events.


The sheer number of websites about autism and autistic issues can be overwhelming.     They may also cover an extensive range of aspects.

  • Contact us by phone or email.      We should be able to point you to a few websites o specific pages that might be of help.      It may also be a good time for some new GAIN research.       Another point of view can sometimes be useful.
  • For helplines with more to offer see:  Families       SEN/EHC Support –  Education

GAIN support

This is a Facebook group for parents and carers of children with autism – and also adults on the spectrum.      We are looking for members in and around Lincolnshire.      Share your thoughts, experiences and questions in a safe space.      Click icon to view the group profile.


Click icon for GAIN Facebook page and look for Message button at the top to send a message to GAIN.