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What is it like?

What Does Autism Spectrum Disorder Look Like in Adults?       Click icon for a readable article.

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CANadda is a Lincoln based support group for adults on the Autism Spectrum and associated conditions.       Hover over icons / pictures to identify links.      See also:   Canadda events

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Learning communities

Based in Birchwood shopping centre, Lincoln has a range of support initiatives, including:        See map        01522 697587

  • IT Courses ranging from Computers for Beginners to ECDL
  • Access to Computer facilities
  • Support with basic skills (Maths & English)
  • Programme to help overcome barriers to employment, issues relating to health, housing, homelessness, debt, parenting etc.
  • Project supporting individuals and families with essential items such as food, clothing, and cooking equipment.

National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society website has several pages aimed at adults with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, including one on making friends.       Click on the icon to browse.       If you cannot find what you want on their website you can ask them questions for free.        For more information click on:  Help & advice .        Click  0800 & 0808 numbers  to see when the helpline is free.

Asperger Central

Aspergers Central says it, Is a Facebook community focused on providing great information to our members & a platform where everyone can talk and help one another.

Adult diagnosis

The National Autistic Society offers a step by step guide to adult diagnosis.      Click icon to see it.      They recommend taking details of local services to yourGP.        Spectrum Psychology in Lincoln takes private clients only – which may pose a problem for GP referral.      Also:

  • The NHS website has a page about Signs of autism in adults.       It links to their diagnosis page.      new
  • The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) launched their guidelines cover recognising, referring and diagnosing autism in adults in June 2012.          NICEalso produce pathways in the form of diagrams.       Click boxes to see accompanying notes.       The diagram link shows the kind of thing you might mention to your GP when asking for a referral.
  • Age limits for paediatric services seem to vary from hospital to hospital from 12 – 15 according to this report.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

People with high functioning Asperger’s syndrome may have well developed rational skills.       This could be valuable to help cope with the challenges of life.       It may be that they could benefit from talking through the way they perceive some things.       This is where Cognitive Behavioural Therapy might come in.

It could take time to establish the credibility of this approach in your own mind.       It may also take a while to find a therapist that can connect effectively.

Steps2change is a free and confidential NHS service for anyone in Lincolnshire over the age of 16 who is feeling stressed, unhappy, depressed, sad, worried or anxious.        Click icon above for more information.       Find access information for year area, e.g. Grantham


  • Lindum Counselling and Lindum Listening Ears, based in Lincoln, offer a free counselling service for children and adults.       See details.
  • Alternatively, the Counseling Directory can put you in touch will qualified counsellors in the Grantham area, or elsewhere, with expertise in Autism.

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