Varying needs – SEN

The National autistic society outlines how degrees of disability can lead to a range of needs.

EHC plan

The Children and families act 2014 extended the age range for EHC plans.     It is now possible for a young person, if required, to have an EHC plan until they are aged 25.     Click icon to find out more from SEN help UK, a charity that provides advocacy, advice and information.

The key question, according to an SEN solicitor, is how far they have met the outcomes in Section E of their EHC plan and whether or not they need additional time to complete their education.     These outcomes should change and adapt throughout the life of the plan to reflect progress and changing needs.

   Contact have produced a help sheet about extra help for ages 19-25.    Click icon to view.

There may be the option to continue from the 25th birthday to the end of school year.IPSEA website     Text links new.

See also UK government guide to extra SEN help up to age 25.

Challenging behaviour

Mencap says people with a learning disability are more likely to show challenging behaviour.     This may be due to communication difficulties.

The Challenging behaviour foundation sets out what families of children and young people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges need to know about getting an EHC plan.     Click icon for the introduction.

Also, here is their detailed: EHC help sheetPDF.

Also, here is their detailed EHC help sheet.     Tap button to download, then open in PDF  

Download PDF – 430KB

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