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  Adult social care

Click icon for the Adult care services pages on Lincolnshire County Council website.       It includes pages on:

See also Money 16+.

This page is about care and support for adults on the spectrum in the general Grantham area.     For care & support for adults in beyond Grantham we have:  Wider area     Specialist services.

  NHS services

Lincolnshire partnership NHS foundation trust offers a range of services to support adults with learning disabilities.     They require professional referral.     Click icon for details.      They have a community hub in Grantham.      updated

Lincolnshire NHS website also has some handy links relating to learning disabilities: 

Mental health services       NHS resources

 Support in the community

Thera Trust provide support at home, at work and in the community for adults with a learning disability.      They charge for their services, though they also explain how a Personal Budget from the local authority might make Thera an option.       Their nearest office is in Swingbridge Road, Grantham.      For more about Thera click icon


There is not very much about issues for adults with autism in particular on the web, but some articles mention individuals rather than children with autism.      It seems that having autism makes constipation or incontinence more likely than for people in general.

Bladder & Bowel UK is a disability living support group for promoting continence and product awareness.      They have an information library for adults in general.      To find out more about what this and other sites have to say about autism and such issues click icon.

Residential & community care

 Home from Home

A family firm opened a new specialist residential care home in 2016 for adults in Dorrington, near Sleaford.       Click page icon for their website.

   Click icon for their 2023 brochure.

It is called The Reeds and was opened in September 2016.     The de Savary family set up Home from Home  in response to their own experiences.

They have a number of other homes around Lincolnshire.     Find them on the map: 

Ruskington     Fiskerton     Bardney     Stallingborough         

Day opportunities are also available for those with Individual budgets or Direct payments.


Autism Care, part of Lifeways group, provides care and support for adults.      Click icon for their autism page.      Their modes of support include:

  1. Registered residential care
  2. Supported Living – as an individual or in a group
  3. Outreach and daytime support

They have provision in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire for autism within 25 miles of Grantham.      See:  Search results  and scroll down to find them.      See also:  Referral process


To get specialist NHS help in coping with the behaviour of the person you look after ask your GP for a referral.      Click icon to find out what the specialist will want to know.       See also Behaviour on this site.

Support app

Brain in Hand offers access to personalised support from an app on your phone.     It has features to help you remember activities, reduce anxiety and feel supported.      Click play to watch video review or click page icon for more about the app.     See documents at the bottom of the page.     Here is a brief outline.

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