Not getting out


  Baby steps

Sound mind website is for those who are currently suffering from stress and stress related disorders such as agoraphobia.      See my story about its creator.       Click icon to read her thoughts about agoraphobia.       See also, tips from a PhD.


Click icon to find out how others have found their way through panic attacks.        Also, someone with high-functioning Asperger’s describes their own experience dealing with anxiety.

More detail

  • Panic attacks etcWhat is the range of symptoms?
  • Can people with high functioning Asperger’s be severely effected by anxiety?      It seems so.      Here is a discussion of the link between high IQ and anxiety


The National Autistic Society has  a page on anxiety.      Click icon to view.      Under the sub-heading Why might autistic people experience anxiety? they say it might be common for around 40-50% of autistic people to receive a clinical diagnosis of anxiety. 

  Learning a new skill

How do you learn to go out of the house when you’ve got agoraphobia?      Click icon to listen to a radio interview with Ellie.


The NHS section on not getting out, or Agoraphobia, gives us a pretty clear picture of  established scientific opinion.      Click icon to browse.      There is a link to treatment – including self-help tips.


Just a quick tip:  perhaps you could try using one of the following statements:

  1. “I can be anxious and still deal with the situation.”
  2. “I’ll just let my body do its thing. This will pass.”
  3. “This anxiety won’t hurt me, even if it doesn’t feel good”.
  4. “This feeling isn’t comfortable or pleasant, but I can accept it.”
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