Mindful mix

The BBC describes its mindful mix as, Gentle classical sounds to bring you warmth and positivity.     Click icon for the playlist.updated     Alternatively:

  • Lincolnshire libraries has a variety of books on how to practice mindfulness.     Here is one with a CD.    Tap icon to see a list. 
  • Lincolnshire libraries has several books on mindfulness.
  • Here is some Youtube calming sensory music with accompanying visuals.1 hour     Created with autism in mind.
  • DAB radio has several easy listening channels, playing more popular music: e.g. Mellow magic    Smooth chill

  Lincolnshire recovery college

This is an NHS service aimed at anyone 16+ in Lincolnshire finding life challenging or supporting someone who is.     Most sessions are online via Microsoft Teams, with face-to-face sessions being gradually reintroduced.     Click icon to find out more.     See also:  Timetable      FAQ

Gardens and woods

For some people, being in a garden or wooded area is a tonic.      Gardening can be a calming and satisfying activity too.     Click icon to see if there is anything in that vein between Lincoln and Newark that looks interesting.

Emotional wellbeing

There seem to be some new  resources and services developed to support for emotional wellbeing and mental health in Lincolnshire.      Click icon for GAIN guide.


Shine Lincolnshire aims to support people with mental health difficulties to live well through accessing a range of support services in Lincolnshire.     They want to enable people to live independently.     See:  Shine basics

Click icon for their online presence.     You need to log in to see their Facebook page.

  Autistic unfiltered

A Lincolnshire women’s community group runs The real autistic women project unfiltered.     The aim is to mentor leadership in sports and physical activity.      Click icon for an introduction.     See also their welcome page.

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