Stimming can be a valuable coping mechanism for people on the Autistic Spectrum but there may sometimes be better alternatives to foster – as outlined on the NAS page below.      See also our Sensory sensitivity page.

 What is stimming?    Why do it?

The BBC offers a handy introduction to stimming, including why people on the autistic spectrum do it.      Click icon to veiw.

Amythest Schaber is an artist, writer, public speaker and advocate.       In her video about stimming she offers detailed insight into autistic life as an adult, put across in her unique style, as part of her Neuro Wonderful blog.       Click play button to watch.

The National Autistic Society (NAS) website has a page page about stimming.      It is brief and to the point.      Click icon to view.      See also their Mental health and autism page about OCD.

The website Ambitious about Autism focuses on the topic under the heading Repetitive behaviours and stimming.       Click icon to find the page.

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