Mobile right menu

If you still have the menu showing, tap the X in the top corner, and you will be back in the main display.     There is another menu icon on the right hand side of the screen.     It is circled in red below:

Tap it and you get the menu shown below:

The menu

At the top, the buttons link to:

  • our guide for mobile phones
  • directly to this guide for the right menu.


Pages not in menu are grouped under those circled in red below.

  • Families -> Education (in menu)
    Tap the Education V to see a selection of pages not on the left menu.
    The Education page links to directly or has extractsnew from these pages
  • Families -> Education -> SEN
    SEN is tucked away within Education in this menu, as usual
  • Families -> Treatments & therapies
  • Some shortcuts are grouped under:
    Welcome -> This site
  • Index takes you to a list of practically all pages not on the left menu.     On a mobile, a few pages are hidden in places, but not in the index.

Recent updates

Finally there is a list of the most recent page updates on this site.     Scroll down to find the last one.

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