I am Cadence

Cadence started writing short pieces describing her experiences of being an Autistic child.       For example:  

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Different at home

What happens when my autistic child acts differently at Home than he does at School.         When the common denominator for the challenging behavior and meltdowns is home, it is all too easy for professionals and schools to jump to the conclusion that “bad parenting” is at work.      Instead of blaming parents, schools and professionals should be more understanding of the difference between home and school and more willing to listen when a child is behaving differently outside the school gates.      A referral put in from a school may be readily accepted, yet a parent’s request for the same service is often refused.      There is still the assumption that if a child truly had challenges, these would manifest in all settings in the same way.

Ignorant people

Click icon below and watch video.        The title of the post is, Rubbish ignorant people say to autistics.        Entertaining.

Trying too hard?

This blogger thinks autistic children are put under too much pressure to learn.       In particular to learn how to fit in.         He she believes in letting children play and learn in their own way.

Comment,  Play is very valuable, but often kids with autism play in a repetitive way and sometimes need help to build on what they may do innately.      As your child grows you worry more because what society finds acceptable for a four year old they do not find acceptable for a fourteen year old.      Whilst we build towards acceptance, our children and adults have to live in the world as it is and in a school system that really does not know what to do with them. For me it is best to strike a balance between learning in and through play and learning more academic and life skills.        (Published with permission, Facebook)

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