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– Claire Sainsbury, Martian in the Playground.      ‘Enlightening and encouraging’   J K, GAIN
The author draws on her own experience and that of others to show what life is like for school children with Asperger’s Syndrome.      Find out more at   Good Reads  and   Amazon .      There are two copies of this book in Lincolnshire libraries:    Library record

– Luke Jackson, Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome:  A User Guide to Adolescence.      ‘The best book on Autism I have read so far’,   J K
The author has Asperger’s Syndrome.      He draws on his own experiences and observations with a witty style of writing.      He wrote this book when he was 13.       Find out more at   Good Reads         Amazon          Library record

– Oliver Sacks, An Anthropologist on Mars – seven paradoxical tales.       Case histories of neurological disorders of many kinds.      The final case history is of a lady with autism whose name is Temple Grandin.        Find out more at   Good Reads      Wikipedia      Library record

– Mark Williams & Danny Penman,  Mindfulness.      A programme of cognitive therapy developed by Oxford University psychologist Professor Mark Williams with colleagues around the world.      There should be an accompanying CD.      It aims to help you to reduce anxiety and stress and to give you greater control over the way your mind works.       Find out more at:   Good Reads        Amazon         Library record.        Click for  More books  on Mindfulness.

– Tony Attwood, Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome        See Library record

– Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism & Asperger syndrome:  the facts       See:  Library record

– Lorna Wing, The Autistic Spectrum.       A handbook for parents and professionals.       See Library record

There are many books in Lincolnshire Libraries on the 17th century physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton, several of which can be found in the Grantham branch.        Some historians believe he had Asperger’s Syndrome.        See:  Library search  and also Famous People on this website.


These books are fictional and also feature characters with autism.

Jodi Picoult, House rules        ‘A page turner’      J K, GAIN
Fictional story about a teenage boy with Asperger’s who is arrested for murder.     See:  Good Reads        Amazon        Library record

Mark Haddon, The curious incident of the dog in the night-time .
Christopher Boone is a 15-year-old who with Asperger’s syndrome.     When he finds a neighbour’s dog murdered, he sets out on a journey which will turn his whole world upside down.       See:  Good Reads        Amazon        Library record

More books

There are many more books in Lincolnshire libraries on autism and Asperger’s.
To browse see:  autism        asperger        Lincolnshire Libraries       Once you have logged in you can reserve books on-line to pick up at your local library.

A Good Read

The following are not about autism but might offer a good read.        As they say, all work and no play …

Carlene O’Connor,  Murder in an Irish village
In the small village in County Cork, Ireland, twenty-two-year-old Siobhán O’Sullivan runs the family bistro, along with her five siblings, after the death of their parents in a car crash almost a year before.      Find out more at: Good reads       Amazon       Library record

 – John Grisham.     If you like legal dramas you might enjoy many a happy hour with this author’s books.      His stories are set in the USA.      For a handy guide to his work see  Library list for the library catalogue list.       To find out about the author, see  Biography .

Among his books is a series about a 13 year old boy, called Theodore Boone, who fancies himself as a lawyer – like his parents.        It illustrates life skills,  describing the thinking processes of an adolescent in an adult world.        For a handy guide to this series, click on  Reviews .        See also Library list.

– Oliver Sacks, Awakenings      This is an account of a group of patients who were woken from sleeping sickness in 1969 by Dr Sacks using a drug that was new at the time.      See:  Author’s site        Amazon        Library record

– P D James, Death comes to Pemberley      Have you seen the 3 part TV dramatisation of this book?      The book lays out the plot in more detail.       It makes it much clearer what really happened, and why.       If you watch the TV series after having read the book, you will see passing references to all the key elements of the background story that might have passed you by on a first viewing.       See  Library records.

– Joanna Trollope, The Choir     Another book that was dramatised on TV.       This one was set in the present day, though.        See:  Good Reads        Library record.

– Joanna Trollope, The Best of Friends.      This book is about two families that are linked by a longstanding friendship between two of the members.       It charts relationships within and between the families.

Interestingly, the thoughts of the characters are described, providing insight into the psychological and social dynamics involved.       For example, conversations between two of them are said to have had several unwritten rules,        “… neither of them ever said anything really savagely unpleasant about husband  or children and … it was a requirement to be as hilariously funny about the day’s disasters as possible”.
See:  Good Reads        CD at library         Amazon.

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