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Membership is largely a matter of registering for GAIN email updates.       It is free.      The benefits of GAIN membership are:

  • Be better informed about up-coming events with our email updates.     This could be particularly handy when booking a place is needed.
  • Keep up with page content that we highlight in our email updates.     This was very selective until Coronavirus – when the emphasis shifted a bit.
  • If you contact us, say by phone or email, with a bit of background about your situation we can email pointers to sources of information and support that may be of interest.

Membership is not needed in order to attend GAIN events or book places where required.      Also, please be aware that our events are held in Lincolnshire, UK.

To become a GAIN member:

Click thumbnail if you want to download the form.     It just has those four fields:

  • Type in your details and say whether you would like to receive our email updates     OR 
  • Type the information directly into an email.

The location is to help us select events nearer to you – often cinema screenings.       We will not pass your details on to anyone else without your express permission.

Send to:

Alternatively, phone 01476 600 074 and leave a message.

Have you changed your email address?

Just email us stating your name and something like new email address.       Job done!


If you are uneasy about some or all of the contact details you have given us, send us an email,  giving us your name and stating what you want to remove.       We will be happy to do so.SaveSave

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