Independent living

Community skills

County care offers a range of support services for adults with learning disabilities or autism in Lincolnshire including a community skills project.     Click icon for their web page about it

There are centres in:  Skegness       Spalding       Professional referral is needed. ….. See also their: FAQs.

On-line safety

Ambitious about Autism has produced a guide to staying safe on-line.

   Click icon to browse.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 3.9MB

 Voice Ability

VoiceAbility Lincolnshire provides a free, independent and confidential advocacy service for adults with disabilities.       It aims to help you to understand and be fully involved in important decisions about your life.      Click icon for an introduction or visit their website.

Advocacy is helping people to say what they want and to get what they need, or at least what they are entitled to.

  • The National Autistic Society has a page about Advocacy and autism
  • Mind, the mental health support people, offer an introduction to Advocacy in mental health.       Autism is a developmental condition, not a mental health condition, but this article might add something of help to people with autism.

Everyday Asperger’s  

This is a community group with a Website and a Facebook page with a lot of insights presented in an Asperger-friendly way.

Safe phone use

1.  A genuine cold caller will usually tell you who they are and why they are phoning you.        If the very first thing they do is to ask you to confirm your name it may not be a good sign.       They might ask, “Hello.   Is that John Doe?”, for example.        If the voice, or something else about the call, does not sound familiar think about disconnecting the call pretty quickly.

2.  When you are looking for a contact number for a company or organisation look for a land line.      That is 01…/02…/03… numbers.       They are more likely to reputable companies.        They should also have a postal address.       A mobile number, that is 07... , might be OK for someone who does not charge much, though, like maybe a gardener.

3.  People with Asperger’s syndrome are said to pay attention to detail but beware of anyone trying to push you into doing something foolish.      It might not seem foolish at the time.

Unsure of yourself?

Perhaps you could talk it over with someone you know well, and trust a lot.      See if they are confident that you know what you are doing.

Guide to safe living

Parties, Dorms and Social Norms:  A Crash Course in Safe Living for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum.      “The late teens and twenties are exciting times, but filled with potential pitfalls as young people navigate the transition into independent adult life.”       This book was written by Dr. Lisa Meeks, an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of Medical Student Disability Services at The University of California.      See Amazon.

Musical memory aid

Here is a hand idea for you to help yourself to remember something important.       Watch this video.

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