Mobile safety

Online safety on a mobile phone is comparable to that of a PC but you may have more personal information on your phone that would be valuable to criminals.


Android phones are more likely to come with malware pre-installed than iOS phones.       Click icon for a few tips to help keep you safe.


PC firewalls are different to the mobile versions.      While PCs connect via broadband, mobile phones use cellular networks and Wi-Fi.


A virtual private network, or VPN, gives you an extra layer of privacy and anonymity, so you can hide your internet activity and location to avoid being tracked.       Click icon for a beginner’s guide.       

There are two versions:  an app or a browser extension.       The second is simpler to install but only works on that browser, not on other web access such as apps.


Do I need an anti-virus?       Google play protect security centre aims to keep bogus apps off your device, preventing malware and scams.       It is not entirely successful, though.      See review.


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