The National autistic society has some tips for communicating more effectively with someone on the spectrum.      Click icon for the webpage.      It is one page of three on communication.     See also Growing up for more about communication.

  Family relationships

The National Autistic Society has a range of guides for navigating family relationships, and advice for parents, siblings, and children on how to support their autistic family member.      Click icon to find out more.

 Spectrum magazine

The National Autistic Society publishes The spectrum magazine, containing autistic art, poetry and prose.       Created by autistic people, its content covers all things autism.         Click icon to find out more.       Scroll down to find the latest issue.       It is free.

 Making your child happier

This article offers eleven ways you can make your autistic child’s life easier.


The Netmums site has quite a few pages under the Special needs heading.     Click icon to browse.

A number of mothers post a description of their situation on Netmums.    

To simply browse Netmums, use their search box at the top right corner of the page, but for information about the members’ only areas see their registration page.


Ambitious About Autism is published a few tips for Christmas under the heading: Include autism this Christmas in 2019.     

   Click icon to view.

 The podcast university

What to do if you are at a loose end?      This is basically a plug for a number of BBC podcasts that might pique your interest.      Click icon to view.      It might help to broaden your interests.

 Temple Grandin’s FAQ’s

Temple Grandin is a lady with high-functioning Asperger’s who has made an academic career for herself.       Click icon to browse her Frequently Asked Questions page.       The Ask Temple link, in the top left corner, gives you a form for asking your own question.

Thinking styles

  • Temple Grandin says that there are three autistic thinking styles:  visual thinkers, verbal specialists and pattern thinkers.       See post.
  • Autism Toolbox is  a resource to foster inclusion in early learning settings and schools.       it has a section on cognitive theories of autism.

Autism mums

Re-charging your batteriesSociety has programmed us to think, “What kind of mother is she, taking care of herself before her child?”  but that’s completely wrong.     Here are 10 must dos for parents of children with special needs.


Scope describes itself as the disability equality charity.

  • Members ask the online community for Support and information.       There are quite a few subject categories.
  • It has online community groups on which you can post questions and comments.
  • They also have Community champions to make sure the community is a safe, supportive place to be.

Soap Operas

These can provide a handy way to improve emotional literacy and people skills.      Soaps focus on emotional issues and lay it on with a trowel.      For example, see about Roy Cropper from Coronation Street.

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