Personal Budget

If a child or young person has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan, or who has been assessed as needing an EHC plan, then a personal SEND budget can be requested.       Click icon for the Lincolnshire outline.        It contains links to a number of relevant articles.

Here are some frequently asked questions – see FAQ.

Welfare benefits

Carers FIRST is the new name for Carers connect.       Click icon for their welfare benefits page.       More broadly, to find out how Carers FIRST fits in with Lincolnshire Carers Service see Families.

Money Matters

This is a guide for parents of disabled children who want to know what financial help may be available to them and what arrangements they may need to make to manage their children’s finances from birth and as they get older.

Benefits & care

The National Autistic Society provides a sound introduction to benefits and care.      Click icon to browse.

Official information

Lincolnshire County Council publish information on benefits and finance in their Family Services Directory.       See:  Family-benefits        DLA-for-children        DLA-&-PIP-for-youth         Money-Advice

Also, for information about Carers Allowance see:  NHS        Government.

Family Fund

They provide grants to low-income families with disabled children.           Fill in their application form and post it to their office in York.           For more information click on the icon below.Family fund logoA representative attended a Lincolnshire Parent Carer Council coffee morning in Grantham, in 2012, to promote the scheme.


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