Support for carers

The phrase parent carers is used to refer to parents that care of children with additional needs.

Contact has produced a very clear help sheet setting out the rights of carers of children to have their needs assessed.       It includes young people who care of any brothers and sisters. 

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They also have a web page about needs assessments.

  • There is more about this topic on our Support for carers page.       It covers carers of adults Support for carers as well as children.      Click page icon to browse.
  • Also, Young carers, under 18,  who look after a relative have a right to have their needs assessed.      This could be a parent, brother or sister.
    See: NHS page..

Here are the more notable pages in the Families section.      Also, look under FAQ for Associated conditions and Information sub-menus.


The National Health Service website offers a guide to established medical opinion in the UK.      Click icon for their autism page.       In What is autism? they say that autism is not an illness or disease.      It means your brain works in a different way from other people.      The NHS carries out diagnosis of autism and treatment of related conditions.

Children’s therapy

Click icon to find out about NHS children’s therapy services in Lincolnshire.      More specifically see:  Neurodevelopmental difficulties

Community Paediatrics

An NHS service for children in Lincolnshire who are referred when there are concerns about development, behaviour or educational needs.      Click icon to view. 

Lincolnshire county council

Council website

The Lincolnshire County Council website has many pages of information for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability.       Click icon to browse.        It includes Short breaks and ESCO for more complex needs.

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Click  phone icon for a PDF guide to all the services offered by the Council Customer Services Centre.

See also definitive Council contact information.

Family services directory

The Lincolnshire County Council on-line Family Services Directory is the go-to place to find out about services.       It is likely to be the place with the most up-to-date information.      Service providers can update their own entries.       There are more menu options on their home page.       Click icon to see.

The GAIN website also has:  Take a break       Activities & support


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Contact (for families with disabled children) was founded by parents.       Have a look at Who are we?        Click icon to find out about their helpline.       You can get in touch with Contact by phone or email.       See also their FAQ tool.

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The Challenging Behaviour Foundation offers telephone and email support to family carers and professionals caring for children and adults with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.


Lincolnshire Family Services directory has lots of information for families to help them find childcare.       They also have a guide to getting help with costs.      Click icon to browse.

For specialist SEN helplines see: Contact & Liase in our SEN support page.

For specialist SEN helplines see: Contact & Liase in our SEN support page.


Your Child’s GP might make a referral to  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).      They are behind the Cinema on St Catherine’s Road in Grantham.

For official information see:  webpage
See also what one parent says:  article.

See also our item about the Lincolnshire Educational psychology service.

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