Alternative education

  Hill holt wood

Hill holt wood is a woodland social enterprise

  • They provide programmes for the local authority from Key Stage 1 to the end of their secondary education in Year 11.
  • They also offer a programme based around woodland maintenance. 

Click icon for their education page.      They are between Lincoln and Newark.     See map at the bottom of their page.

  • Schools can refer pupils for an alternative kind of education to support their classroom studies.
  • Visits can be arranged for school groups.
  • Here are their level 1 & 2 courses for students aged 16+.

Here are some alternatives to mainstream school.


A pupil in Lincolnshire who meets the criteria may be referred to The Pilgrim School.      This school provides educational support for children and young people with medical and/or mental health difficulties and who are too unwell to attend their own school.       The intention is for pupils to be supported during the time they are unable to attend their own school and to be helped to return or to make a successful transition to another placement…      Schools may request involvement by the Pilgrim School to prepare to return to school or transition to another placement.      Click icon for their website.       See also: SEND

Springwell Alternative Academy, in Grantham, provides education for children and young people who have been excluded from mainstream school, or who are at risk from exclusion.       They cater for Special Educational Needs.        Schools may apply for a student to spend 16 weeks on a placement if they have been excluded or are at risk of being excluded.      Click icon for their website.      See also:  map

  FE colleges – under 16’s

FE colleges in Grantham, Lincoln and Nottingham cater for young people aged under 16.      The larger colleges have more to offer.      Click icon to find out more.

  Challenging behaviour

Greenfields academy is a specialist school on the edge of Grantham for SEMH pupils (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) aged 4 to 16 years.       (Previously  Phoenix Academy.)       Click icon for their website.

Additional needs

For children with an Education Health & Care (EHC) plan a more specialised environment may be offered by schools for additional needs.      You can request a special school when you receive the draft EHC plan.       Also, here is a guide to choosing a special school.

Ambergate Sports College & Sandon School – GANF, in Grantham, caters for pupils aged 3 – 19 with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex needs.        Many are on the autistic spectrum.        Click icon for their website.

Gosberton House Academy, near Spalding, is a specialist primary school mainly for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.      Click icon for their website.

See also special schools in Lincolnshire.

Key stages

School yearAgesKey stage
Years 1-2
Years 3-6
Years 7-9
Years 10-11

Qualification levels

A level 1 qualification can be compared to GCSE grade 1-3.      See qualification levels

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