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Responsive communication

Responsive communication combines attention to sensory issues with using body language to interact with autistic adults and children.      Phoebe Cauldwell has found some unique paths to achieving deep and meaningful engagement with autistic people.      Click icon to find out about a book on the subject.      There is a link to a sample of the book.      See also:

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists may be able to help children and adults with sensory issues.      Where might they be found?       Click icon to help find out.       See also:

 Colouring books

Click icon for a review of  The Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal.      Have a look at Amazon for this book and others like it.      People say that they are more than simple colouring books.

Can autism be cured?

Autism is a life-long condition – it cannot be cured.      But there are a range of methods of enabling  and assisting learning and development.

Attention autism

Attention Autism is an approach to getting autistic children to join in with adult led activities.       Click icon to find out more.

Visual aids

Visual aids may be helpful for most young children with autism.      Click icon to find out more.

 Rapid Prompting Method

Establishing the effectiveness of an approach to helping children with autism can be vexing.     The Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) is a relatively new communication technique developed for people with severe autism.       It is controversial and is, at best, only applicable in a minority of cases.       Click icon for more about it.     

Here is an intelligent Critique.      The author believes that the method is still at an exploratory stage.      He is, at time of writing, sceptical about its potential.

 Asperger Experts

Danny Raede has discovered for himself ways of understanding and coping with the difficulties he experiences as someone on the spectrum.       He has formed Asperger Experts to guide and support others in the same boat.       See:  about us

Click icon for his website and look under the Browse menu option.        This part of the website is free to all.

Aroma-therapy & reflexology

To ease symptoms of stress, you might consider aroma-therapy or reflexology.

Sensory rooms

Where funds allow it may be possible to adapt a room in your own home.       GAIN cannot recommend any items of equipment or their use.       Just to give you an idea of what is available, here is one source of sensory equipment.       

Here are some ideas of who might benefit and what could be selected.

Emotional well-being

While autism is about development rather than mental health, people with autism may have mental health issues too.        Click icon for GAIN guide.

Trampolines and soft play areas are good to let off steam for many children on the spectrum – as shown in the picture of a GAIN event in 2019.

Food Challenges

Options autism has produced a helpsheet, Facing food challenges for those with autism & sensory processing differences.   

   Click icon to view.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 370KB

Dance movement therapy

Options autism has produced a help sheet about dance movement psychotherapy.      They say that it is about creating a safe place in which to explore movement, dance, props and play.      See Specialist services about Options Group.

   Click icon to view.

Download, then open in PDF viewer.

Download PDF – 970KB


See also

Neurodiversity is a concept and a movement in support of people on the autistic spectrum.
It holds that autism is a valid way of being.

The UK authorities plan to improve support for children and adults on the spectrum.     Their 2021 autism strategy includes commitments for children.     Also, since autism is a development disorder, Education is a key area of support.

See Kooth on-line support in Growing up or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Adults.

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