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  First step to independence

The loving push is a book by best-selling author, autism advocate, and animal science professor Dr. Temple Grandin and psychologist and autism specialist Dr. Debra Moore.      They spell out what steps you can take to restore your child’s hope and motivation, and what you must avoid.

Temple Grandin is not everyone’s cup to tea but she has a big following.      See also  Get your butts out of the house …

  What to expect

The Interactive Autistic Network in the USA was a research based initiative from 2006 – 2019.      They produced Autism in the Teen Years:  What to Expect, How to Help.      Click icon to browse.     The interactive autism network link autism community and research.       A couple of quotes:

  • The teens are not getting more noncompliant because their autism is getting worse.      It’s because they’re teenagers.
  • Teens say actually the hardest part is not having friends.

Doc icon  Childline

Childline was Esther Rantzen’s idea.      It has a well presented website where a teenager or young person can browse and see what others are saying or asking.      Click icon to view.

The website has a page about Autism.       More specifically, it has several pages which provide an introduction to issues that could be of help and interest to teenagers:

Peer pressure         Relationships         Sexting         Zipit


Do you get sarcasm?      You might like to try Sarcasm is strong with this one on Facebook.

Doc icon  Experiences

Read about parents whose older children and teenagers have either autism or Asperger’s.

  Social skills

The National Autistic Society has a page about social isolation and social interaction.       It is aimed at adults, so may be helpful to high-functioning teenagers.      Click icon to browse.

Doc icon  Social thinking

The  Social Thinking website, USA, tackles difficulties people with autism face in navigating the social world, fostering relationships, and performing well at school and home.        Click icon to browse.

This book might be interesting.       Michelle Garcia Winner & Pamela Crooke, Socially Curious and Curiously Social,   A Social Thinking Guidebook for Bright Teens & Young Adults        It contains some cartoon-style illustrations.       

See also:  Good Reads       Amazon.

Help sheet

Options Autism, previously Options Group, produce a help sheet on emotions & social skills development. 

   Click icon to view.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 3MB

Safe living

Parties, Dorms and Social Norms:  A Crash Course in Safe Living for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum.      “The late teens and twenties are exciting times, but filled with potential pitfalls as young people navigate the transition into independent adult life.”     This book was written by Dr. Lisa Meeks, an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of Medical Student Disability Services at The University of California.
See: Amazon.

Guidance for parents

This booklet offers extensive practical guidance for parents and carers of teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome.      It is from Occupational therapy at Falkirk council.

   Click icon to view.

Doc icon  Sex education

The National Autistic Society has a a guide for parents about sex education.      Click page icon to browse.

See also

See our Growing up page for sex education DVDs and on-line counselling.

Our Employment pages may be of some relevance to older teenagers. 

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