September 2014

The wedding of the year!

After nearly ten years together, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tied the knot on the 23rd August at their French country house.       It has been reported that Brad and Ange used the opportunity of their wedding to raise some serious cash for good causes.

Brad and Angelina knew there would be tremendous interest in their wedding pictures, and decided to donate the money to their Her gown was made by Update:  Fast forward

Kevin & Perry

Have you seen Harry Enfield’s teenage pair Kevin and Perry?       Teenage characteristics are exaggerated for comic effect.

In one sketch Kevin’s parents try giving him a taste of his own medicine, in  Reverse Psychology, but it backfires badly.     Another sketch features Kevin’s school parents’ evening.

We introduced Harry Enfield’s character  Loads-a-money in the June issue of Teen Scene.       It was in the article on Margaret Thatcher.

New Music

Discovering new music can be a bit hit and miss.       Something like Girls’ Life New music videos of the week might help.

Have you heard the song  I really want it ?       It has a catchy tune and the video is quite eye catching too.      It is by a  duo from New York called  A Great Big World.       Here are their website, and their Facebook Photos.

Soldier is a more thoughtful song.       It is by a boy band from Florida who called Before You Exit.         Here is their website, and their Facebook timeline.

Is hydrogen the future?

Some say that cars that run on hydrogen are the future.      They emit no carbon, only water.       It takes energy to produce hydrogen, though, so more work is needed to produce clean energy.

Hyundai were the first to manufacture a car available to the public and they provide a handy introduction to the guided tour of the car.      They say that they have their first customer, too.      He paid $3000 down and $499/month.

Takeup is limited by the number of fuel stations.       The 3 on order in the London area.

Toyota plan to start selling their car in Europe in the summer of 2015.      A second fuel station has now been opened near Heathrow.

See Special interests for hydrogen fuel update.

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