Sensory rooms

Quite a few of Lincolnshire’s children’s centres have a sensory room.     These can provide a valuable aid for children on the spectrum to recover from the trials of life.     They can aid relaxation, promote well-being and help in developing new skills.

  • For more information, see: SEN article.      Multi-sensory environments provide opportunities for personal development and can play a vital role in the curriculum, says Suzanne Little.

Both of the Grantham centres have a sensory room.       You can find out whether a centre has a sensory room by looking it up on the Lincolnshire council list of centres.      Look under the Facilities heading for a centre.

Expert help

Early support and learning may be able to help pre-school children to get the most from the sensory room.

  • They may set the room up for soothing or learning.
  • They decide what to do by talking to parents and watching the child.

See KIDS’ outline for a practitioner’s description of what they do with sensory rooms.

Young people

For the more mature, you can get something of the sensory room experience on-line.      Try this video clip Dolphins, for example.

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