This website’s safety


This site uses the WordPress website development system.       It benefits from the rich choice of security plugins available.      The development of the WordPress core system and plugins is an on-going process, and they are regularly updated.

This site has one of the better security plugins which is updated more often than most.      The developer encourages the active engagement of the site administrator in setting up the plugin.      It provides the site with an extra layer of protection against unauthorised tampering from hackers.

There is also a website health check app for website administrators.

Secure connection

Our website does not have a secure connectionSSL – to protect sensitive data typed in by visitors.      But it has no login for visitors and no facility to buy things, so this does not pose much of a problem.

If you want to contact us you can send an email.      We access  them via an app with a secure web address – which safeguards any sensitive data you might send.      new

Visitor privacy

This site collects very little visitor data.       Click thumbnail to see the data held about visitors by the statistics plugin used on the site.       It is pretty anonymous.

This site does not ask for any visitor identification – such as name or email address.       The facility for visitors to this site to leave comments is switched OFF, which makes it easier to keep it safe.       It avoids the need for visitors to log in.

You can leave comments on our Facebook or Twitter  pages.       See Contact us for our email address.

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