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Awareness cards

The National Autistic Society (NAS) also produces autism awareness cards that could be useful in public spaces, like a supermarket:  single plastic.     Click image to see the range. 

Select the card you want to order or download for free.     Prices are in £, as below.   

Stickman Communications also produce a different range of colourful awareness cards.        See range of cards

Display Cards

Here are a few free resources.       

Printable sheets:  Display cards        Status cards        No touching
How to use the cards:  guide


Shoes-left-rightFor all those new school starters or those like my son, who is obsessed with his shoes being on the wrong feet, try this.

Cut a sticker of their choice in half and secure it into there shoes to help them identify which shoe goes on which foot.
FB/Rainbow Stars.

 Mindful mix

Click icon for soundtrack:  Mindful Soundscapes – An escape to the sea with 2 hours of lapping waves.

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