Social communication outreach

This page outlines what social communication is and how it this service works.      Click icon for the Social Understanding & Communication page on Lincolnshire Working Together Team website.

Here is the team’s Lincolnshire directory entry.

The service is for pupils in mainstream school.      It is the school rather than the parent that needs to refer the pupil, though parents can seek advice from the Working Together Team about getting a referral.

The team is accredited  by the National Autistic Society.      It is based at Gosberton House Academy, near Spalding.      This is a primary school that specialises in autism.       See their outreach support page.

Contact them at:  01775 840 250

The issues

The National autistic society also sets out what social communication is and how it can be addressed       See description.

Families -> Education -> SEN -> Support

Families -> Education -> SEN -> Support

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