What is it like?

Ambitious about Autism

Ambitious about autism has produced a range of videos.       Most present what young people on the spectrum have to say.       One exception is  Autism and happiness  in which a practitioner presents some thoughtful insights.       Click icon for Youtube list.


See also Personal reflections about adult life.

Far more challenging than The A Word

Like in the BBC1 series, writer Katy Brent has a young son with autism but that is where the similarities end.

Safron’s amazing world

When she received her diagnosis her mother Sam thought the doctors were describing an extraordinary child rather than someone with a disability.       While not without the difficulties associated with autism, Saffron’s extraordinary, colourful imagination, articulacy and sensitivity certainly bear out that impression.

Glass half empty?

Some parents of disabled children can appear unwaveringly positive.       But one mother says her children’s autism has left her with “dark thoughts” and she wishes their impairments would disappear.      Christine, not her real name, loves and is proud of her children, but she says she cannot abide the pressure she feels to be “relentlessly positive” about their condition because of the restrictions it puts on all of them.     Michael … says the “autism pride movement” can be problematic for those who don’t assign to it – and there are also those with autism who take pride in their difference, which is “perfectly legitimate in many ways”.      For more contrasting opinions see Mind the gap.

Different for girls?

  1. Schoolgirls with autism share their thoughts on the question.      See article.      The article introduces their novel and also shares a discussion about girls on the spectrum.
  2. Some people talk about Female Asperger’s.        Females with Asperger’s of all ages are said to have more subtle symptoms and girls to be less aggressive when frustrated.        See:    introduction        more detail       list of traits

Everyday Asperger’s

Everyday Asperger’s is a personal blog.      The author’s pen name is Sam Croft and her mission is, to raise awareness about Asperger’s and females.       Click page icon to view.       It is linked to a Facebook community group of the same name that features posts of a supportive nature.

We are autism too

My boy, with his classic autism, the kind that used to be the only face of autism half a century ago, is the one who does not belong now.  …..      Charlie’s mother looks at us strangely, not unkindly.      She isn’t sure what to do.      In fact, everyone—all the other parents, the volunteers, they do not know what to do with my son with autism.        See also related links at bottom of article

Out and about with autism

My husband and I have two autistic sons, 18-year-old identical twins Nathan and Curtis.      Taking them out and about is a big challenge.      Both boys have severe learning difficulties and are non-verbal.      It is important that they get out without us.      They have to pay for things and thank people, and practise using Makaton sign language.       All this is fun but it is also essential for their day-to-day life as they get older.
See article

Shoe Shopping

Shoe salesman helps 6 year old with autism shop in peace.       See:  article


An uncle interviews his nephew, Sean, who has been diagnosed with Atypical Autism.       In the 5½ minute video, Sean explains his understanding and experience of autism.

I am odd, I am new

A ten year old boy with autism wrote a poem.       His mum shared her experience of reading it.       Click icon to view.

Life with autism

Siara, a student,  has created a comic strip to explain her life with autism.      Click icon to read about it.

Combat stress

Mothers of adolescents and adults with autism experience chronic stress comparable to combat soldiers and struggle with frequent fatigue and work interruptions …, according to an article about a study by Marsha Mailick Seltzer, a university researcher.      See article for more about this.

Interactions with Police

Here is a very readable blog post under the heading of  Life with Asperger’s.        He says, The incidents were blown out of proportion by the tactics of the police and the social difficulties experienced by the aspie.


An autism mum has written in detail how she experiences her son’s meltdowns and what she thinks may be worth considering in order to help.        See The truth about my child’s meltdowns.

When your child is diagnosed

This article contrasts what an autism mum felt and did just after diagnosis with the voice experience.        She writes, When you’re told your child has autism, the kind, compassionate doctor may tell you, “Your son is the same little boy he was before you walked through that door.”      But what they don’t tell you is you may not be the same person.’

After DiagnosisBacon & Autism - Jane Peck - FB

How does a diagnosis of autism in a child affect the mother?         Here is one experience:

I got to watch two kids laughing and playing together, and for the first time ever, one of them was mine.’

To find out how this came to happen, see:  April.

A life-changing  opportunity

Here is a feel-good story, with pictures, about a teenage boy offered a life changing opportunity by a police chief in America.

A Sibling’s View

This young lady says,   “I never knew anything was ‘wrong’ with my brother until I started school.    People treated him differently and then started treating me differently.”       Have a look at What my autistic brother has taught me and see how things developed.

Mother’s Relationship

Here is an article about a mother’s closeness to her son, who is on the autistic spectrum.        The  title is When I Hear What My Son With Autism Doesn’t Say – though he is completely verbal.

Autism Mum blogs

  • Here is a blog called  Mother Autism,  written by one particular autism mum.       She gives it the subtitle,  Livin’ the dream & livin’ on the edge.
  • Another autism mum keeps a personal blog called All the words.

Non-speaking writer

Nine-year old non-speaking boy write bestseller book about autism for educators, parents and students.       Click icon for article and Amazon for book.