Official SEN guidance

These websites tell you what is what from those who make the rules.      In the case of Liaise, they offer help to understand the rules.

Lincolnshire council

The Lincolnshire County Council item on EHC plans is part of its guide to SEN & disability (SEND) local offer.      Click the icon to view. 


Liaise is the Lincolnshire SEND Information, advice and support service.      They work at arm’s length from the local authority.     Click the icon for an introduction to Liaise, over several short pages.      It has some brief video introductions.      More specifically:

  • It outlines what mainstream schools should do to identify and support children and young people with SEND.     You can ask them for further explanation.      It lists the kind of things they can explain on the same page.       Phone 0800 195 1635 or use their contact form.
  • It introduces the idea of requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.     update

NHS guide

Click PDF icon to browse an NHS guide to sources of help and advice for children and young people with autism.     It touches on the Graduated Approach under the heading Working Together Team – page 27. 

For other sources on this approach see: 

UK government

The UK government sets out what the state offers for children with SEN.      It is quite brief and easy to follow, focusing on the essential facts.      Click icon to browse.     Parents can request a special school when you receive the draft EHC plan.

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